BeautifuL Killer

Brigit, the daughter of top-secret agents for British intelligence, is frustrated, scared and alone for the first time. Deciding not to spend the rest of her life in hiding, she uses her spy skills and turns the tables and hunts down all of her parents’ killers.



Alec Wagner as the “Gatecrasher” is the sole possessor of the ability to predict the opening of inter-dimensional gates. Alec, along with the Split Second Squad, fights against alien invaders. However, Alec has high prospects for his social life, if he could ever show up on time for a date.


Just A Pilgrim

The mysterious and extremely religious character known only as “the Pilgrim,” is a man with an incredible sense of duty to protecting the innocent and purging evil wherever it is found. While wandering the Atlantic Floor, the Pilgrim encounters one of these tribes and leads them on their journey to safety while battling sinister marauders along the way.


The New West

The New West is set in modern day LA, where an electromagnetic pulse weapon knocked out power nine months ago, leaving the whole city in despair. This is the story of Dan Wise, an ex-detective on a horse with a sword trying to find the kidnapped Mayor.


Shadow Reavers

Shadow Reavers, a mysterious group, enlist a young girl and the ‘last witch’, Jesse Vala, as the Earth’s sole remaining protector of the Natural Order. Their mission is to stop the looming threat assailing humanity by the six evil Warlocks.